About Christ Central

Christ Central was founded by Everett Roeth.
Everett grew up just outside of San Francisco, CA, in a non-Christian home. As he got older, he began to ponder the deeper questions in life. In high school, Everett became extremely interested in philosophy and spirituality. He started studying Eastern spiritual traditions like Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism and was fascinated with the process of healing. During college, he delved deeper into his pursuit of truth, incorporating psychedelic drugs into his spiritual quest.
He traveled around the world, exploring South America, China, and Thailand in search of truth and to grow in various spiritual practices. With healing as his goal, he was committed to mastering ancient traditions alongside modern scientific discoveries to unlock the best possible ways to heal and live life to its fullest. After graduating from college with a degree in Business Management and becoming a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance, Everett had an unexpected encounter with Jesus Christ that changed his life forever.
Following his conversion, Everett wept more than he had in the previous ten years, all in awe of the goodness of God, in repentance of his sins, and from experiencing the Holy Spirit’s deep healing power. Today, Everett preaches the gospel and serves at HungryGen Church with Pastor Vlad Savchuk, answering the call of God on his life to help bring healing, freedom, and salvation to as many lost and hurting souls as possible.

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Formal Education:

B.S. in Business Management - University of Colorado Boulder.
M.Div. in Theology and Biblical Studies - Liberty University.